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Púchov - Accommodation - Slovakia

We offer you to find accommodation in the region of: Púchov


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Škola v prírode Alžbetín Beluša

Rekreačné zariadenie Bonums Beluša

Chata Makyta Beluša

Chata Čertov Lazy pod Makytou

Wili Hotel Púchov

The Hotel, after complete reconstruction, now has twenty high-standard rooms, five apartments, twenty double-bedded rooms suitable for sport teams and seven rooms for physicaly disabled visitors. In Hotel you can play table-tennis and billiards. There is a balcony in every room that offers nice v...

Motel Slatina Beluša

Športklub Hotel Púchov

Penzión Barborka Mojtín Mojtín

For pretentious tourists we offer hunt or fishing (at all events you have to inform us before). The guesthouse has 5 rooms, including one twin-bedded room, three triple-bedded room and one room with four beds. We also offer television, satellite, video, round games and table tennis. In ground floor...

Chata Anička Mojtín


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